Outside Plant Services

Broadband Service Group Outside Plant construction provides complete construction of duct banks, hand holes, man holes, as well as aerial and underground communication and power networks.

BSGI also owns and operates a fleet of directional boring drills that allow us to complete your projects with minimal disturbance of the ground and when trenching is not an option.

BSGI provides the following services through our Outside Plant Services:

  • Microtrenching
  • Directional Drilling/Boring (Trenchless Technology)
  • Conduit and Duct Systems
  • Trenching, Plowing and Backhoe Excavation
  • Underground Communication and Power Networks
  • Installation of High and Low Voltage Underground Electric Lines
  • Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • Installation of Fiber, Copper and Coax cables
  • Cable Splicing, Terminations, and Testing
  • Strand, Messenger and Cable Installation
  • Placement of Poles, Downguys, and Anchors

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Broadband Service Group Inc.

BSGI provides turn-key engineering, consulting, construction, management, and maintenance services for the telecommunications, and utility industries.

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