Distributed Antenna Systems or (DAS) are shared-infrastructure host models for growing wireless network coverage in hard to reach areas. A distributed antenna system provides higher quality, coverage, and capacity within your system. Broadband Service Group Inc. designs, develops, and installs DAS for the private and public sector and has industry leading expertise across multiple markets including:

  • Upper-Class exclusive communities
  • Urban Populated Areas
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Townships and Cities

Outdoor Distributed Antenna System

The Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems (ODAS) which links a series of strategically placed locations to provide carries with pinpoint coverage that isn’t provided by traditional coverage methods. Antennas can also be placed on streetlights, signs, natural objects, or other high-rise elements.

Indoor Distributed Antenna System

At times, extended coverage inside of buildings requires an Indoor Distributed Antenna System (IDAS) to fully cover and provide optimal capacity for the area. IDAS systems are the perfect solution for extending coverage into your building or establishment. It is quite common for these large organization industries to include these systems for the occupants:

  • Enteprise
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Public Venue
  • Education

Broadband Service Group Inc. is fully qualified and experienced in development with these industry models and specializes in implementing IDAS and ODAS solutions for these industry types.

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